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Answers to questions you may have regarding chiropractic care


You may have questions about chiropractic and why to choose this form of allied health care for your specific problem.

You may also wonder about the evidence and safety of chiropractic.

Look through our frequently asked questions below and rest assured we are here to answer any further questions you may have – simply send us through an email or call us on 08 9535 1600.

Research continues to support the safety and efficacy of chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery, which have their place but may produce side effects and complications. As each patient is unique, each treatment and each adjustment are specifically tailored to the patient. Your age, size and individual problem will determine which technique(s) will best put you on the road to recovery.

Chiropractors treat problems of the musculoskeletal system. This includes lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc herniations, plantar fasciitis, jaw problems, muscle strains and sciatica. You do not always have to be in pain to consult a Chiropractor. With their unique vantage point, our Doctors can help you reduce the stress on the musculoskeletal system. Since this system uses a large percentage of the body’s energy, optimizing the function of this system can have wide reaching effects on other aspects of your health. You may be interested in prevention of a problem. You may want to learn more about your body. You may want to improve your quality of life. These are all good reasons to consider consulting a Chiropractor.

Some people are looking strictly for symptom relief while others are interested in long-term strategies to maintain good health. There are three stages of care.

Initial Intensive Care (Crisis Management): The primary goal is symptom or pain relief. The severity and diagnosis of your symptoms will determine the frequency of care.

Rehabilitative Care: The focus of rehabilitation care is to eliminate the cause of the problem. Eliminating the cause of the problem will reduce the likelihood of a relapse. The frequency of your care will begin to reduce as you start the phase of active care. This means you will be advised to complete at home/office self-care to help support healing and strengthening.

Wellness Care: At this stage your body would have returned to your pre-injury state. It is important to understand that daily stresses (physical, chemical and emotional) and strains wear us all down, that’s why it’s important to choose to maintain an optimal level of functioning with periodic check-ups with us. Your scheduling of care at this stage will be determined by evaluating your stress load and appointments can range from fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly.

Remember, how long you choose to continue care is always up to you.

Chiropractors are highly skilled in the hands-on art of spinal adjustment. An adjustment involves applying a specific force in a precise direction to a joint that is troublesome (for instance, it may be locked-up or not moving properly). The purpose of the adjustment is to help restore a more normal position or motion, often relieving pain. Using this technique, Chiropractors can treat any joint in your body…from your spine all the way out to your fingers and toes. Treatment is always within your comfort level and often can be quite relaxing.
  • This is one of the most common questions we are asked. To provide you with realistic expectations, many factors affecting your recovery time must be taken into consideration, including:

    – acute vs. chronic pain
    – first episode or recurrent problem
    – history of previous injuries
    – general health
    – general fitness level (strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health)

– poor postural hygiene
– lifestyle (work, diet, sleep)
– patient comprehension and compliance with recommendations
– kept appointments
– stress (physical/mental/chemical)
– family history

These factors and your individual health goals combine to structure the frequency and duration of your care.

Chiropractic treatment involves the manipulation of joints, with the goal of decreasing pain by improving movement and function within that joint. When a joint is adjusted (moved), there is a natural change in the internal pressure of that joint. This change results in the release of gas normally dissolved in the fluid which lubricates the joint. The release of this gas may produce a “crack” or “pop” sound like that produced when you open a can of soda.
To optimize the effects of treatment, stretching and strengthening programs are almost always initiated. As always, the choice to follow instructions plays a very important role in both recovery and long-term prognosis/outcome. Continuing with your individualized exercise program can help you minimize the occurrence of future episodes. This leaves you more time and energy to do the things you want to do.
As the body changes very rapidly during pregnancy, there is a large amount of stress placed on the musculoskeletal system. The joints in the body try to compensate for these changes, and as a result, they are often sore and stiff. Your Chiropractor has special techniques that will help make you comfortable during all the stages of pregnancy. Chiropractic is safe for both the mother and foetus and often helps to reduce those “typical pregnancy” aches and pains.
Before Chiropractors can lay their hands on you, they’ve first laid their eyes on hundreds of books. They’ve studied for at least five years at university and post-graduate levels (at a Chiropractic college). Anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, differential diagnosis, biomechanics, X-rays and spinal adjusting techniques are just a handful of the topics they’ve studied. Before receiving their Doctor designation, Chiropractic students undergo an intensive and closely supervised internship program at a Chiropractic College Clinic, where they gain and perfect valuable skills and learn when referral to other disciplines is warranted. Prior to being able to open their door to you, Chiropractors must pass rigorous National and Provincial Licensing Board examinations.

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